Synthesis of Volcano Monitoring

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Book Chapter

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Eruption forecasting, Geochemistry, Geodesy, Merapi, Volcano monitoring, Volcano-seismology

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This chapter synthesizes the monitoring of active volcanoes using a wide range of techniques and instrumentation. We cover definitions, concepts of instrument design and use, patterns and processes that occur before, during, and after eruptions. Ideas, trends, and the interplay between monitoring and research are discussed for both under-monitored and well-monitored “laboratory volcanoes,” including a recent case history of the 2010 eruption of Merapi Volcano, Indonesia. We conclude with a discussion of: the importance of using multiple techniques and databases in forecasting, the reliability of forecasts, and future directions in volcano monitoring.

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Synthesis of Volcano Monitoring, in H. Sigurdsson (Ed.), The Encyclopedia of Volcanoes (2nd Ed.), Academic Press, p. 1151-1171