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Charles Darwin, Paleontology, Tennessee, Community, Evolutionary biology, Fossils

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Charles Darwin’s birthday, February 12th, is an international celebration coined Darwin Day. During the week of his birthday, universities, museums, and science-oriented organizations worldwide host events that celebrate Darwin’s scientific achievements in evolutionary biology. The University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UT) has one of the longest running celebrations in the nation, with 2016 marking the 19th year. For 2016, the theme for our weeklong series of events was paleontology, chosen to celebrate new research in the field and to highlight the specific misconceptions of evolution within the context of geologic time. We provide insight into the workings of one of our largest and most successful Darwin Day celebration to date, so that other institutions might also be able to host their own rewarding Darwin Day events in the future.

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Evolution: Education and Outreach, v. 10, art. 10

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Teaching materials and lesson plans used during the teachers workshop hosted through Darwin Day UT

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Sample letter sent to various departments on UT campus to request funding for Darwin Day events

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Sample flyers created for Darwin Day UT events