How a Geology Alumni Society and Professional Community Contribute to the Preparation of Graduate Students for a Geoscience Career at the University of South Florida

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The School of Geosciences Geology program at the University of South Florida has a unique partnership of an active alumni society working with a committed professional community and dedicated faculty to improve the curricula and better prepare students for a career in the geosciences. As the Geosciences Program at the University of South Florida has grown and evolved, the Geology Alumni Society has worked to provide continued services to the students and, by extension, to the professional community. The Alumni Society and local professionals contribute a significant amount of time and expertise by way of participation in geoscience courses designed to provide a glimpse into the world of the working geologist. Services and benefits offered on a voluntary basis by the Alumni Society include: a geology exposition featuring government and industry demonstrations and presentations of what a professional geology job entails; resume writing workshops; social networking events that bring together students and professionals, and a variety of funding opportunities for endowments and scholarships. Geology alumni also serve on Geology Department advisory panels to assist with the development of curricula and programs, including the newly revamped Professional Geoscience Master’s program. This program relies on internships through private companies and government agencies which in turn provides a pipeline of employment for graduate students.

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Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, v. 48, issue 7, no. 283-3