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Handwritten and typewritten notes of ornithologist Samuel A. Grimes related to bird observations between July 30, 1924 and June 21, 1937. Includes typescript of “The Hooded Warbler in Florida.”


Birds, Ornithology, Field Scientists, Samuel A. Grimes, Eggs, Nests, Gray Kingbird, Crested Flycatcher, Arkansas Kingbird, Eastern Phoebe, Acadian Flycatcher, Wood Pewee, Tree Wall, Swallow, Rough-Winged Swallow, Barn Swallow, Cliff Swallow, Purple Martin, Blue Jay, Crow, Fish Crow, Florida Chickadee, Tufted Titmouse, Florida Nuthatch, White-breasted Nuthatch, Brown-headed Nuthatch, Brown Creeper, Prairie Warbler, Ovenbird, Western Palm Warbler, Northern Waterthrush, Louisiana Waterthrush, Kentucky Warbler, Connecticut Warbler, Maryland Yellow-throat, Hooded Warbler, English Sparrow, Bobolink, Meadowlark, Red-winged Blackbird, Orchard Oriole, Baltimore Oriole, Rusty Blackbird, Boat-tailed Grackle, Florida Grackle, Cowbird, Summer Tanager, Cardinal, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Indigo Bunting, Painted Bunting, Purple Finch, Goldfinch, Red-eyed Towhee, White-eyed Towhee, Eastern Savannah Sparrow, Grasshopper Sparrow, Eastern Sharp-tailed Sparrow, LeConte’s Sparrow, Northern Seaside Sparrow, Smyrna Seaside Sparrow, Pine-woods Sparrow, Slate-colored Junco, Eastern Chipping Sparrow, Eastern Field Sparrow, White-throated Sparrow, Eastern Fox Sparrow, Swamp Sparrow, Eastern Song Sparrow, Anhinga, LoonHorned Grebe



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Samuel A. Grimes Bird Notes, 1924-1931



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