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Emily Mann

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They didn’t stop to think if they should Explore data ethics, digital privacy, and the academic librarian’s role in educating and advocating for undergraduate students relating to these topics in this five-part workshop series.  The goal of this series is to educate librarians on data ethics and privacy literacy, encourage discussion, and facilitate future collaborations. Sessions are related, but attendance in every session is not required. We will begin with a broad overview of data ethics and particularly what these mean during our increasing reliance on digital tools, often from third-party companies.

This will include looking at how companies, institutions, and individuals choose to collect and use personal data, as well as ways to educate students in collecting and using data ethically. We will also look at power dynamics and the inherently biased system of data collection and use.

Learning Outcomes:
● Participants will examine how data ethics relates to privacy and librarianship
● Participants will define their own ethics in regards to data with an understanding of how it relates to their work
● Participants will identify potential ethical concerns relating to data and privacy for both librarians and patrons.


Part of the Florida Library Webinars series