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Sharon L. Segrest

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In recent years, emotional intelligence (EI) has been a popular topic of debate in the field of management. It has been praised as a successful predictor of job performance and leadership ability. Authors have also claimed that emotional intelligence predicts success at school. However, little empirical research has been conducted to test this assertion. In this study, the relationship between emotional intelligence, as measured by the Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire Short Form (TEIQue SF) and academic performance were examined in a sample of undergraduate business students (N=193). Emotional intelligence was found to be positively associated with work experience. Despite this finding, emotional intelligence was not significantly associated with age. Global trait emotional intelligence was not significantly associated with academic achievement, however, students in the mid-range GPA had a significantly higher mean "well-being" factor score than students in the lower and higher-range GPA. Implications and recommendations for developing emotional intelligence in students are discussed.


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