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Personality, coping strategies and emotional adjustment among Chinese cancer patients of different ages.

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Lindsey M. Rodriguez

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Literature has documented personality and coping strategies as valuable intrapersonal resources for cancer adjustment among Caucasians. Nevertheless, it remains unclear whether these personal characteristics operate in a similar manner among cancer patients of different ages and cultural backgrounds. This study examined the association between personality traits and affects, their underlying mechanism (i.e. coping strategies) and how these relations differed by age among Chinese cancer survivors, an understudied population. A sample of 234 Chinese cancer survivors in Beijing, China completed the five factor inventory, affect balance scale, ways of coping checklist and medical and demographic information. The results indicated that neuroticism was associated with negative affect, which was explained by avoidance coping strategies. Extraversion and neuroticism were associated with positive affect, and these associations were explained by approach coping strategies. Conditional process (i.e. moderated mediation) analyses demonstrated that conscientiousness was more strongly related to positive affect directly and indirectly through approach coping strategies among older survivors than among younger survivors. The findings highlight the importance of personality traits for emotional adjustment to breast cancer and the critical role of approach coping strategies in explaining the linkage of personality to positive affect for survivors of different age.


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