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Charles Vanover

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January 2005

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March 2013


Charlkboard Concerto is an ethnodramic performance piece that attempts to share a portion of what I learned as I worked to become a teacher in the Chicago Public Schools in the early 1990’s. Johnny Saldaña and I wrote and produced the ethnodrama to communicate the moments of grace I felt as I learned to teach and to allow audience members to feel the acts of kindness that continually inspired me to do better. Teaching in the Chicago Public Schools was the hardest thing that I ever did in my life and the most rewarding choice I ever made. Johnny and I hope the script and of Chalkboard Concerto will enable others to learn from my experience.


Full text of the ethnnodrama and the editor's introduction used with permission from Ethnodrama: An Anthology of Reality Theater', edited by Johnny Saldana. Lanham, MD: AltaMira Press




AltaMira Press

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