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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

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Tammy D. Allen, Ph.D.

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Georgia Chao, Ph.D.

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Zheng Chen, Ph.D.

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Vicky Phares, Ph.D.

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Joseph A. Vandello, Ph.D.

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Brenton M. Wiernik, Ph.D.


Segmentation, Diversity, LGBTQ+, Wellbeing, Careers


Recent qualitative studies have provided evidence LGBTQ+ individuals experience unique challenges related to integrating one’s romantic partner into their work life. Informed by signaling theory, the role of work-romantic partner integration supplies (WRPIS) as a variable of interest was tested as an outcome of formal and informal signals of inclusion and as a predictor of job satisfaction, romantic relationship satisfaction, and emotional exhaustion. Hypotheses were tested using a three-timepoint survey with a sample of 138 full-time employed individuals who were currently involved in a committed same-gender presenting romantic relationship. Results provide support informal signals of inclusion relate to WRPIS and that WRPIS relates to romantic relationship satisfaction. Overall, results suggest greater perceptions of the opportunity to integrate one’s romantic partner into their work life is beneficial for those involved in same-gender presenting romantic relationships. Implications for careers and individual wellbeing are discussed.

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Psychology Commons