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Kevin Yelvington, Ph.D.

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Mark Amen, Ph.D.

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Susan Greenbaum, Ph.D.

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Trevor Purcell, Ph.D.


tampa, waterfront, development, political, economy


Tourism is a major contributor to the global economy and is an agent of cultural change. Tourism has been utilized throughout the United States as an engine of economic renewal in the promotion of redevelopment within many of our most celebrated urban centers. Urban tourism as it is found within Florida is explored. A chapter is dedicated to Tampa, Florida. Anthropology has spent little time or effort in attempting to understand the complexities of urban tourism and what it means for the cities of 21st century. The anthropology of tourism is utilized in exploring the political economy of tourism within urban spaces as they occur in Florida. Employment statistics, development trends and policy matters are presented to aid the reader in understanding the dynamics of urban tourism within Florida. Accompanying this effort on urban tourism is an annotated bibliography of Florida tourism.