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MS in Public Health (M.S.P.H.)

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Public Health

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Deborah Cragun, M.S., Ph.D.

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Tuya Pal, M.D.

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Nevena Krstic, M.S.


Educational Resources, Genetic Counseling, Stories


Utilization of hereditary cancer genetic counseling and testing services is substantially lower among minority populations compared to white populations due, in part, to lower levels of awareness and knowledge. To help improve awareness, we designed a 7-minute video that uses storytelling to translate knowledge of genetic testing and hereditary cancer to individuals who have a personal history or family history of cancer. Consented participants were asked baseline questions about hereditary cancer and genetic testing, reviewed the video, and provided feedback on its content, understandability, and visual appeal during semi-structured interviews. Data were coded and analyzed to identify themes and determine whether the educational materials addressed some of the perceived obstacles to genetic testing that were raised by participants. Analysis of 13 coded interview transcripts suggest the video may improve self-efficacy to access genetic testing because it addressed some barriers related to cost of genetic testing and the information was easy to understand. After viewing the video, a majority of participants indicated that pursuing genetic testing would be useful. Multiple participants appreciated the logical, concise flow of the video, stated that it increased their knowledge on genetic testing for hereditary cancer, and asked for more information on possible next steps. Most participants reported needing more information about whether their personal insurance plans would cover genetic testing and about the logistics of obtaining the DNA sample before they would take action to pursue genetic counseling or testing. Based on constructive feedback, we added links to more information and listed possible next steps people could take to learn more or to obtain genetic counseling and testing.

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