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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

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M. Martin Bosman, Ph.D.

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Fenda Akiwumi, Ph.D.

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Eric Winsberg, Ph.D.

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Greg Herbert, Ph.D.

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Ruiliang Pu, Ph.D.


biofuel, carbon, ecodevelopment, Indigenous studies, neoliberalism


This research grew out of my interest in the implications of climate action, especially its effects in natural-resource-rich peripheral regions like my home state of Nagaland. This study will be of interest to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the ways in which global ecodevelopment programs expand and mutate at the micro-scales in Indigenous communities. This includes structural transformations to their Indigenous socio-economic and political lifeworlds, their cosmologies, and their affective relations with their ancestral lands and environment. More broadly, the study draws attention to the growing challenges confronting Indigenous peoples in the Global South who are being seduced by neoliberal sustainability agenda, which insist on transforming its devotees into self-serving environmentally friendly entrepreneurs while neutering their economic agency, restricting their access to their land, and blunting the effective exercise of their political power within their communities.

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