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Degree Name

MS in Public Health (M.S.P.H.)

Degree Granting Department

Public Health

Major Professor

Thomas E. Bernard, Ph.D., CIH

Committee Member

Steven Mlynarek, Ph.D., CIH

Committee Member

René R. Salazar, Ph.D., CIH


attractions, noise levels, ride operator, sound level meter, theme park


Millions of workers in the United States encounter daily noise exposures in their workplace, associated with millions of dollars in workers compensation annually. Many industries have been well studied for the presence of hazardous noise, but little exposure data exists for the amusement park industry.Major attractions found at amusement parks fall within one of three categories and in each of those categories, five employee positions are common. This thesis sought to identify if there are differences in potential employee noise exposure among the ride types and if there are differences in noise exposure among the employee positions. The analysis of the data indicated that dark ride types may be the loudest type of the three common types and that no position was found to be the loudest. The greeter position was likely the least noisy position for most ride types.