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Robert Hammond, D.B.A.

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Tina Yang, Ph.D.

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Andrew Artis, Ph.D.

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Tony Kong, Ph.D.

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Doug Hughes, Ph.D.


Financial Advisors, Financial Literacy, Financial Planners, Romantic Partner


Although there is ample research on financial behavior, the inclusion of financial planners in the sample frames of such research is rare. This study used certified financial planners (CFPs) as the sole sample population to identify antecedents of optimal financial behavior and their relative importance. Data from a nationally representative sample of 167 CFPs indicated that (a) financial literacy lost relative importance as CFP tenure increased, (b) romantic partnership closely rivaled financial literacy in importance, (c) financial literacy was more weakly correlated with romantic partnership than with the other antecedents investigated, and (d) romantic partnership was universally accepted as a relatively important antecedent. The study also drew on a novel scale for romantic partnership to measure the perceived importance of communicating with a romantic partner as an antecedent of optimal financial behavior. The findings suggest that romantic partnership is a significant yet previously unidentified construct in this context.