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Tina Yang, Ph.D.

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Tony Kong, Ph.D.

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Andrew Artis, Ph.D.

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Robert Hammond, D.B.A.

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Douglas Hughes, Ph.D.


Change, Transcendent Leadership, Unplanned Change, Leadership


The studies of leadership and leadership models are voluminous, as is the work onchange within organizations. While scores of information can be found on each of these topics, the combination of the two is less ubiquitous. The grouping of specific leadership models related to corporate changes, be it structural or operational, provides an opportunity for new knowledge. Notably, the literature is scant when the added variable of rapid unplanned change is included in the combination of leadership and change. This study sought to better understand the impact of specific leadership behaviors and the impact on an organization during rapid, unplanned change using Hooper and Potter’s Leadership Insights model (1997) and Crossan et al’s. Transcendent Leadership Model (2008) as a foundation for study. Comparing and contrasting data from three independent companies, transcendent leadership competencies were evaluated through qualitative interviews, which produced operationalizable results in the form of five unique themes. The implications of this research give leaders within an organization specific direction on the types of behaviors and communication that will aid in success through rapid, unplanned change.