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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)

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Curriculum and Instruction

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Darlene DeMarie, Ph.D.

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Howard Johnston, Ph.D.

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Danielle Dennis, Ph.D.

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Deirdre Cobb-Roberts, Ph.D.


educational programs, evaluative case study, service-learning, study abroad


The present case study evaluated a service-learning study abroad program based on the participants’ perspectives. The stakeholders included undergraduate students, University instructors/coaches, and community partners abroad. The main data sources were semi-structured interviews with volunteer participants and descriptive observations. The purpose of the case study was to identify perceived benefits and perceived challenges resulting from participants’ perspectives and to utilize findings for future program enhancement.

Although the themes of the perceived benefits and challenges varied by stakeholder group and their respective roles in the program, some benefits such as career/professional development and exposure to diversity were shared by multiple stakeholders. Similarly, the themes of perceived challenges varied based on stakeholders’ respective roles in the program. Some themes such as lack of time/ demanding schedules were mentioned by all three groups of stakeholders and others were mentioned only by one or two.

In addition to offering recommendations for future program enhancement, this evaluative case study also identified specific program elements, which were perceived to have contributed to the overall positive stakeholders’ perspectives about the evaluated program. Conclusively, the findings of the present study supported the recommendation for inclusion of service-learning abroad experiences in future educational programs as these experiences have the potential to benefit all participants.

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