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Michael D. Coovert, Ph.D.

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Carnot Nelson, Ph.D.

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Marcia A. Finkelstein, Ph.D.


Personality, Big five, Computer, Simulation, Critical thinking


The relationship between mean team Agreeableness and team performance has not been shown definitively. The present study was performed looking at archival data from a study that assessed team performance from 62 two person teams using the DDD and involving two types of training and two types of information probes during the computer task. In addition, each of the participants took a personality test based on the IPIP with an emphasis on Agreeableness and its 6 facets. Using HLM analysis, it was determined that Agreeableness does not have a significant effect on team performance for a problem solving tasks (delta chi square 2.04, p=n.s.), however it did significantly effect how an individual performed (delta chi square=18.06, p=.001) on the problem solving task. Intelligence had a significant effect on team performance (delta chi square=569.08, p=.001) and this may have washed out any personality effects. In addition, a linear regression indicated than none of the six facets of Agreeableness had a significant effect on team performance on a problem solving task.