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Delroy Hunter, Ph.D.

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Jennifer Cainas, DBA

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Gert-Jan de Vreede, Ph.D.

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Gilbert Gonzalez, DBA

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Dirk Libaers, Ph.D.


Consortia, Coopetition, ERP Implementation, Success factors


With the mounting pressures on institutions of higher education to do more with limited resources, the opportunity to collaborate with other colleges has emerged as a viable tool to create efficiencies and obtain valuable knowledge otherwise unattainable by an institution, even if that collaboration takes place with a competing institution. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are critical to managing student information and college operations, but can be challenging for colleges to implement. Consortia present a unique solution to colleges to address gaps in their expertise and skills needed to achieve a successful ERP implementation. This study explores the factors that are critical to successful ERP implementations in a community college setting and aims to develop a model that will assist colleges in targeting their efforts so as to make the best use of their resources. This paper shares a set of best practices to assist community colleges in accomplishing successful ERP implementations. In addition, this paper introduces a potential solution to community colleges of using a consortium relationship with like colleges to support the ERP implementation process and best practices with regard to these consortia to successfully support these efforts. Additionally, this best practices are discussed in this paper and are a compilation from insights gained through a review of the academic literature on ERP success factors and surveys of four community colleges that had completed ERP implementations. We hope that these insights will prove beneficial to colleges contemplating the implementation of a new ERP system. We believe that this paper can also assist colleges in determining if a consortium approach to their ERP implementation would be advantageous, generating greater bargaining power for the participating colleges, providing for the sharing of information between colleges, and helping to accommodate for any deficiency in expertise.