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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

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Biology (Integrative Biology)

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Jason Rohr, Ph.D.

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Thomas Crisman, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Henry Mushinksy, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Marc Lajeunesse, Ph.D.


age-intensity relationships, Osteopilus septentrionalis, Hyla femoralis, enemy release hypothesis, fire ecology, invasive species, prescribed fire


The successful completion of this work is dedicated first to my grandparents for having always shown their unwavering love and encouragement in my journeys (most of which they kindly and politely only pretended to understand) and for having also served as life-long role models who upheld an unparalleled work ethic. To many whom I consider to be my chosen family, especially Ann Williams and Brittany Sears, who kept me laughing, but more importantly, kept my crazy train from derailing during these tumultuous years. To Wayne Price and Tom Jackman, who fostered the success of my career and are the epitome of patience and kindness. To DeAngelis, for the many hours of laughter, conversations, and adventuresome treks that further kindled my knowledge, love, and respect for Florida’s ecology. To family in Alabama who have either helped shape my brazen character or made this education possible. To Taego, the one to whom I am bound through so many of the stories that begin with, “Remember when…?” and who is often so kind and thoughtful though he still holds tightly to the stereotype of the selfish youngest sibling. Finally, to Fen for being my smiling, bright blue-eyed, spunky kid who has been on this journey with me from the get-go; for keeping me from getting too big for my britches; for your intrinsic fire that burns for equality, fairness, and friendship; and for inspiring me to be the best example of a mother that I can possibly be.

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Biology Commons