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Master of Arts (M.A.)

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Antoinette Jackson, Ph.D.

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Cheryl Rodriguez, Ph.D.

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Daniel Lende, Ph.D.


Capitalism, Discrimination, Criminal Justice, Intersectionality, Police Brutality, Public Policy


Racial justice activists in Tampa Bay comprise a community and culture structured as a movement of social transformation. Data from eleven interviews and more than 100 hours of participant observation show that activists consist of a diverse array of Tampa Bay residents of varying ages, genders, sexualities, racial/ethnic identities and livelihoods. This community is best described by their beliefs and practices of ideology steeped in intersectionality and anti-capitalism, and are motivated by or empathetic to racial injustices directly experienced by them or those around them. The intention of this paper is to describe activists as they are rather than as they are depicted in the popular imagination, as well as to share the insights of racial justice activists to the public for their own use in resisting injustices.