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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

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Jianfeng Cai, Ph.D.

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Shengqian Ma, Ph.D.

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Kirpal Bisht, Ph.D.

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Feng Cheng, Ph.D.


γ-AApeptide, antimicrobial agents, protein interaction, OBTC library, left-handed peptidomimetic foldamers


Peptidomimetics are synthetic foldamers that expected more resistant to proteolytic degradation and enormous chemodiversity when compared with peptides. To date, the functional peptidomimetics such as β-peptides, peptoids, oligoureas, etc have been developed in many science fields. In order to explore the unnatural foldameric architectures, it’s necessary to discover the novel frameworks and molecular scaffolds. γ-AApeptides were reported to be a new class of peptidomimetics that showed its potential applications in drug discovery and chemical biology. However, a wide function and property of γ-AApeptides need to be further explored. To expand the potential application of γ-AApeptides in biochemistry, I have been focusing on the development of bioactive peptidomimetics, such as exploring the antibacterial activity of helical 1:1 α-sulfono-γ-AA heterogeneous peptides, developing the helical peptidomimetic as the inhibitor of the protein Ras_Raf interaction, identifying the protein/peptide ligands by the novel one-bead-two compound macrocyclic γ-AApeptide screening library, and elucidating the de novo dragon-boat-shaped synthetic foldamers.

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