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Master of Arts (M.A.)

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Robert C. Schlauch, Ph.D.

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Mark S. Goldman, Ph.D.

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Marina A. Bornovalova, Ph.D.

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Sandra L. Schneider, Ph.D.


Ambivalence Model of Craving, Behavioral Economics, Expectancies


Understanding the etiological and maintaining processes of problematic drinking continues to be a challenge. There has been a growing amount of research focusing on the decisional processes that act to maintain addictive behaviors. Elucidating this underlying process is key to understanding the range of drinking behavior observed among individuals. Rather than relying on one theory, examining overlap between multiple theories of alcohol use may lead to a better understanding of such a process. Using a construct validation approach, this study utilized motivational (Ambivalence Model of Craving), cognitive (Alcohol Outcome Expectancy Theory), and behavioral theories (Behavioral Economics) of alcohol use to examine the extent to which they tap into a common underlying decisional process of alcohol use behaviors. Two methods were used including establishing motivational profiles using latent profile analysis and an experimental manipulation of situational context to examine the effect of setting on constructs of interest. Results from the two studies provided partial support for the overlap between these theories as it pertains to a common underlying process.