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Moez Limayem, Ph.D.

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Anand Kumar, Ph.D.

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Steve Oscher, DBA

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Richard Plank, Ph.D.

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Sajeev Varki, Ph.D.


Brand Equity, Culture of Innovation, Brand Value, Fair Value, Intangible Assets, Intangible Capital


The definition for a culture of innovation (COI) is the perception of a company that prioritizes the advancement of new ideas that create value across all operations. On the face of it that seems a precious attribute for any company to nurture and exploit, but measuring and valuing a culture of innovation has proven elusive for corporations. There is a tendency to break down innovation into R&D, patents granted, and new product development and while these are all significant components of innovation a cultural definition is more encompassing of the entirety of a company and the financial results should be reflected in the financial performance as a whole.

The research for this dissertation utilizes the CoreBrand Index® (CBI) quantitative research database and fields for the first time an inquiry about 160 large public companies among engaged but impartial observers about their perceptions of the culture of innovation. The findings are then correlated to the cash flow multiple (CFM), which is a firm-wide financial variable. Analysis evaluates whether COI is more or less predictive of the CFM than historical attributes in the CBI. This dissertation verifies past research by the author and extends the study into new and expedient pathways to measure, value and manage intangible assets.