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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

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Jennifer Bugos, Ph.D.

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Victor C. Fung, Ph.D.

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Sarah Kiefer, Ph.D.

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Clint Randles, Ph.D.


Adolescent Instrumentalists, Cognition, Music Practice, Self-Regulation


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of a Self-Regulated Learning Music Practice Strategies Curriculum (SRL-MPSC) on Self-Efficacy in music practice, Self-Regulation in music practice, Music Performance Achievement, Processing Speed, and Meta-Cognitive Awareness for high school instrumentalists. The goal of the fifteen-day music training using the SRL-MPSC, was to teach adolescents how to practice more effectively, think meta-cognitively and develop musical independence while enhancing self-efficacy, performance achievement, processing speed and meta-cognitive awareness. Results of this study suggest that a 15-day music training intervention using the Self-Regulated Learning Music Practice Strategies Curriculum, significantly enhanced participant’s Music Performance Achievement, F, (1,33) = 11.28, p =.002, d = 1.98, self-perceptions of Self-Regulation in music practice, F (1,33) = 16.91, p = .001, d = 1.98. and Self-Efficacy in Music Practice F (1,33) = 13.81, p =.001, d = 2.10.

Based upon the results of this study, teaching students to practice effectively using strategies, cooperative group activities along side daily rhythmic audiation, sight reading and scale study, will develop independent musicianship, increase confidence and musical competence, broaden the literature level and increase student motivation to practice.

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