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Major Professor

Alan Hevner, Ph.D.

Co-Major Professor

Matthew Mullarkey, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Carol Stoak Saunders, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Gert-Jan de Vreede, Ph.D.


IoT, IIoT, IoT-A, Information Model, Ontology, Platform, Architecture, OPC UA, SCADA


Internet of Things (‘IoT’) systems are complex, asynchronous solutions often comprised of various software and hardware components developed in isolation of each other. These components function with different degrees of reliability and performance over an inherently unreliable network, the Internet. Many IoT systems are developed within silos that do not provide the ability to communicate or be interoperable with other systems and platforms. Literature exists on how these systems should be designed, how they should interoperate, and how they could be improved, but practice does not always consult literature.

The work brings together a proposed reference architecture for the IoT and engineering practices for flow semantics found in existing literature with a commercial implementation of an IoT platform. It demonstrates that the proposed IoT reference architecture and flow-service-quality engineering practices when integrated together can produce a more robust system with increased functionality and interoperability. It shows how such practices can be implemented into a commercial solution, and explores the value provided to the system when implemented. This work contributes to the current understanding of how complex IoT systems can be developed to be more reliable and interoperable using reference architectures and flow semantics. The work highlights the value of integration of academic solutions with commercial implementations of complex systems.