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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

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Marine Science

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Don Chambers, Ph.D.

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Gary Mitchum, Ph.D.

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Boris Galperin, Ph.D.

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Gregory Johnson, Ph.D.

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Joshua Willis, Ph.D.


Jason, Argo, Antarctic Circumpolar Current, Transport Dynamics


Zonal geostrophic velocity fields above 1975 dbar have been estimated for the Southern Ocean from 2004 to 2014 based on sea surface topography observed by Jason altimetry and temperature/salinity measured by Argo autonomous floats. The velocity at 1000 dbar estimated has been validated against Argo drift trajectory at the same pressure level available from the Asia Pacific Data Research Center (APDRC). Errors in mapping of dynamic ocean topography, temperature, and salinity have been quantified using the Southern Ocean State Estimate (SOSE). Analysis of errors reveals significant correlations between depth-dependent and –independent contributions to the integrated transport. Further analysis revealed optimal locations of historical ship casts to compliment the transport time series as observed by Argo. Quantifying the error associated with the historical hydrographic section indicated little benefit in combining hydrographic data obtained from ships. The anticorrelation between depth-dependent and – independent contributions was again significant in sampling by ships. The proposed explanation of the anticorrelation in error is underestimation of reference velocity by attenuation and overestimation of depth-dependent transport by attenuation of the velocity shear.

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Oceanography Commons