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MS in Public Health (M.S.P.H.)

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Public Health

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Steven Mlynarek, Ph.D.

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Salazar, Rene, Ph. D.

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Thomas Bernard, Ph.D.


Hearing Loss, Personal Noise


Noise exposure is one of the most common hazards in the work force. There are multiple occupations that experience large amounts of noise exposure to its employees on a regular basis. Flight ground crews and flight maintenance personnel are among the nosiest jobs that exist. Despite the mandatory hearing protection requirements for a job of this caliber, there still remains a chance of an over exposure to noise. Most of the exposure comes from the different types of loud repair equipment and tools, but the greatest exposure comes from a jet engine that can reach 140 decibels. Flight maintenance personnel often work in an environment where the hours are long and there is continuous noise at high decibels. Flight maintenance personnel are typically in multiple places throughout a workday because of the maintenance responsibilities of different equipment, trucks, and planes.

This study will examine the noise exposure levels of the service members in the Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) department on a United States Air Force base. The study will help determine if the service members in the AGE department are being over exposed to noise from their daily routines as flight repair personnel. There has been previous noise sampling done on the AGE department and there will be a comparison of data due to different equipment, change in personnel, and standard operating procedures for the department. The bioengineering/ environmental department is typically responsible for sampling of the AGE department. They have had a difficult time with suggesting engineering controls due to the constant mobility of the maintenance crews. As a result, they have to rely heavily on administrative controls and effective Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

This study will include sampling for a standard workday including day and night shift for the AGE department. The sampling will be done by using personal noise dosimeters and a sound level meter will be used to conduct area sampling for equipment in AGE shop. The AGE department on the Air Force base agreed to allow personnel from their shop to participate in this study. In this study, we will adhere to the Air force safety regulations and sampling techniques

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