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Industrial Engineering

Major Professor

Jose L. Zayas-Castro, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Tapas K. Das, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Thom Hodgson, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Louis Martin-Vega, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Alex Savachkin, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Carlos Smith, Ph.D.


Predicted demand forecasting, Censoring, Reliability eest, Weibull estimation, Stocking policy


A model is proposed to provide inventory and maintenance guidance for a system of operating parts. This model is capable of handling a system with multiple operating components, unknown part lifetime failure distribution, and separately maintained parts. In this model, part reliability characteristics are used along with system costs to predict the required stocking levels and part replacement times. Two maintenance strategies are presented that have the unique characteristic of allowing flexible scheduling of replacements. A case study is completed comparing developed stocking policies to an existing policy. An estimation selection method is introduced and fit into the model for computing Weibull distribution parameters when part reliability is not well known. An algorithm is displayed that describes the implementation of the system model and data from practical case scenarios are conducted using this algorithm.