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Master of Science (M.S.)

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Ekaterina Berezina, Ph.D.

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Wan Yang, Ph.D.

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Susan Gordon, Ph.D.


Self-Service Technologies, Technology Acceptance Model, Predictors of Customer Trial, Restaurant Type


Since the release of the new iPad in 2010, few studies have explored the idea of tablet- based menus in restaurants. Since this is a new topic in the hospitality industry, there has not been literature that explores how personal traits influence the adoption intention of tablet-based menus. This study aims to explain the impact of innovation characteristics and individual differences on customer intentions to adopt tablet-based menus in restaurants of different service levels. With a random sample of 430 participants collected via Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, a regression analysis and an ANOVA test were performed. The results confirmed that only three variables (relative advantage, compatibility, and restaurant type) make a statistically significant contribution to predicting the adoption intention of tablet-based menus. It was also found that adoption intention of tablet-based menus differs across three restaurant types (quick-service restaurant, midscale restaurant, and upscale restaurant). The findings of this study provide an important insight to restaurant managers who may consider implementing tablet-based menus at their establishments. Limitations and ideas for future research are discussed.