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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

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Michael D. Coovert, Ph.D.

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Michael Brannick, Ph.D.

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Wendy Bedwell, Ph.D.

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Doug Rohrer, Ph.D.

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Artemio Ramirez, Jr., Ph.D.


interpersonal trust, collaboration, communication, text analysis, dyads


Trust is necessary for human interactions. It provides the ability to participate in risky behaviors without engaging in a laborious risk-benefit analysis about the situation at hand. The introduction of information and communication technologies has brought about new ways of communicating (e.g., text messaging, video conferencing). Despite the benefits stemming from the ability to communicate through technology, the lower quality and quantity of communication cues exchanged during a technology-mediated interaction can hamper the development of trust.

This study examined the relationship between interpersonal trust and trust in technology during a technology-mediated dyadic interaction and aimed to determine whether interpersonal trust and trust in technology had different relationships with outcomes of interest. The Mayer et al. (1995) interpersonal trust model was augmented by including trust in technology. To test the hypothesized relationships between interpersonal trust, trust in technology, collaboration and performance, an interchangeable member dyadic path model was fit to the data. Three alternative models were fit to the data.

Results revealed that interpersonal trust impacted trust in technology, which in turn impacts collaboration behaviors. Both types of trust had an effect on intentions to continue the interpersonal interaction and intentions to use the technology in the future, however interpersonal trust had a stronger influence on both intentions. The results of the study help us understand how trust operates in technology-mediated environment. Future research should focus on examining how interpersonal trust and trust in technology unfold over time.