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Degree Name

MS in Electrical Engineering (M.S.E.E.)


Electrical Engineering

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Electrical Engineering

Major Professor

Sanjukta Bhanja, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Michael Celestin, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Al-Aakhir Rogers, Ph.D.


Characterization, Electron-beam Lithography, Fabrication, MFM, Nanomagnets, SEM


Magnetic permalloy nanostructures were fabricated onto a silicon wafer using electron beam lithography and a liftoff process. The lithography was performed with a Hitachi SU-70 SEM retrofitted with a Nabity NPGS lithography conversion kit. PMMA of 950kDa molecular weight was used as the photoresist. Features were either nanowires, nanodots, or elliptical or rectangular nanostructures. The nanowires had dimensions of 15µm x 200nm x 40nm, the nanodots had diameters of 145nm and thickness of 12nm, and the ellipses and rectangles had dimensions of 110nm x 50nm x 13nm. Characterization of the nanostructures was performed using the same Hitachi SEM as well as a Digital Instruments DI 3100 Nanoscope IIIa AFM used in magnetic force imaging mode. The SEM was used to measure lateral dimensions of the features and to capture images of features for proper documentation and for external simulation studies. The MFM was used to capture magnetic images of the samples to determine the magnetic state of the nanowires or arrays.