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Child and Family Studies

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Kwang-Sun Blair

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Rose Iovannone

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Jill Castellani


natural environment teaching, video feedback, verbal behavior, self-monitoring


Children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) characteristically exhibit social communication and language deficits. Natural environment teaching (NET) is an intervention proven effective at improving social communication and language skills. Treatment fidelity is critical for an intervention to be effective. Research shows that training alone is often not sufficient to ensure proper implementation. Self-monitoring has shown to increase treatment fidelity, but performance feedback may be necessary to further improve the fidelity of individuals implementing interventions. Using a nonconcurrent multiple baseline design across participants with an ABC sequence, this study evaluated the impact of self-monitoring and video feedback on behavior therapist implementation of NET procedures and maintenance of the skills during fading. Results indicated that self-monitoring slightly improved fidelity of implementation. Fidelity improved further with the addition of video feedback. The results also indicated that implementation of NET with fidelity by the therapists led to improvement in participating children's verbal language skills.