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Mechanical Engineering

Major Professor

Stuart Wilkinson, Ph.D.

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Nathan Gallant, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Rasim Guldiken, Ph.D.


Triangular Bored Revolver, Triangular Cross Sectioned Bullets, Triangular Direct Metal Laser Sintering Barrel, Twisted Triangular Bore, Uniquely Shaped Projectiles


Otto Scheeloch's U.S. Patent No. 134,442 of 1872 describes a unique firearm that uses triangular bullets. The current research effort evaluates the ballistic performance of Otto's disclosure for the very first time. To achieve this goal it was necessary to seek out surviving artifacts and scour the historical record in search of all the parameters needed to meticulously recreate the curious triangular cartridges and the corresponding gun barrel, with its matching twisted triangular bore. Every aspect of the resulting reproduction ammunition was made to be as authentic as possible, including the use of vintage civil war era bullet lead, bullet grease of period recipe, and the correct type of black powder propellant. 3D CAD (SolidWorksTM) was employed in designing the components, while advanced rapid prototyping (FDM & DMLS) techniques and investment casting were used in the physical construction of the ammunition and barrel. The ballistics testing was performed from a shooting rest over a range of 10-feet. Data was obtained for five rounds using a chronograph, paper targets and ballistic gel. The triangular bullets proved to be surprisingly accurate, consistent, and stable in flight. Data was recorded for sectional density, ballistic coefficient, muzzle velocity and energy, group size and penetration.