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Degree Granting Department

Child and Family Studies

Major Professor

Kimberly Crosland


Applied Behavior Analysis, Athlete performance, Boxing, Sports, Video Feedback, Video Modeling


Video modeling and video feedback are behavioral procedures that have been shown to increase skill acquisition over time in a variety of environments. This study investigated the use of a video modeling and video feedback procedure, via a multiple baseline design to enhance skill acquisition in boxing. This study also incorporated multiple dimensions of analysis by including data based not only on a percentage of performance with a task analysis, but also the duration of each particular target behavior. The target behaviors for the study included three different boxing combinations, which were operationally defined based on component steps via a task analysis. Each step was marked as either correct or incorrect based on participant performance. The two participants in the study had little or no previous boxing instruction. During intervention, participants were shown a video of a professional boxer performing the specific combination being trained. The participant was then recorded performing the combination, which was used to compare to that of the professional model. The results indicated that both participants' skill levels increased upon intervention using video modeling and video feedback. Reaction time also decreased substantially for one participant.