Graduation Year


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Degree Granting Department

Childhood Education and Literacy Studies

Major Professor

Audra K. Parker

Co-Major Professor

Danielle V. Dennis


attitude, digital texts, e-reader, Internet, reading, survey


The purpose of this study was to create a valid and reliable survey to measure third through fifth grade students' attitudes toward reading across three mediums: print, e-reader, and Internet. The theoretical framework pulls from self-determination theory and affective models to guide the development of a survey intended for use with intermediate elementary students. The Attitude Toward Reading Survey (ATRS) was developed and field-tested, revised, and field-tested again. Data analysis included confirmatory and exploratory factor analysis, Cronbach's alpha reliability, and cumulative logit modeling. The results indicate the survey is a reliable and valid tool for teachers to use. The ATRS could be strengthened from future field-testing with a larger sample across a more diverse population of students.