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Michael D. Coovert, Ph.D.

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Russell E. Johnson, Ph.D.

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Marcia Finkelstein, Ph.D.


Teams, Task Interdependence, Resource Interdependence, Reward Interdependence, Goal Interdependence


The purpose of this study was to review the existing teams research which suggests that teams vary along 4 dimensions of interdependence. Task interdependence is the extent to which the task drives interactions among individuals. Resource interdependence is the extent to which individuals rely on others to provide inputs necessary to complete their portion of work. Reward interdependence is the extent to which individuals' rewards are tied into the performance of others. Finally, goal interdependence is the extent to which individuals set goals and receive feedback at the group versus individual level. A comprehensive team interdependence scale tapping into these 4 distinct dimensions was developed and tested in a cross organizational sample. Factor analytic results suggested that a 4-factor model did indeed provide the best fit for the data. A discussion of the findings, implications, limitations, and future directions is presented.