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Mathematics and Statistics

Major Professor

Chris P. Tsokos


Accelerated Failure Model, Parametric Analysis, Racial/Ethnic Disparities, Risk Factors, Survival Analysis


The objective of the present study is to address some important questions related to prostate cancer treatments and survivorship among White and African American men. It is commonly understood that the risk of developing prostate cancer is higher in African American men than the other races. However, using parametric analysis, this study demonstrates that this perception is a "myth" not a "reality". The study further identifies the existence of racial/ethnic disparities by comparing the average mean tumor size, the median of survival time, and the survival function between White and African American men. These results underline the necessity of understanding the role of racial background in working towards improved clinical targeting, and thereby, improving clinical outcomes. Furthermore, parametric survival analysis was performed to estimate the survivorship of white men undergoing different treatments at each stage of prostate cancer. Additionally, to better understand the risk factors (age, tumor size, the interaction between age and tumor size) associated with survival time, an accelerated failure time model was developed that could accurately predict the rates of survivorship of white men at each stage of prostate cancer in accordance with whatever treatment they had received. Finally, the results of parametric survival analysis and the accelerated failure time model are compared among white men undergoing similar treatment at each stage of the disease.