Graduation Year


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Degree Granting Department

Industrial and Management Systems Engineering

Major Professor

Jose L. Zayas-Castro

Co-Major Professor

Peter J. Fabri


Functional Independence Measures, Percentage of Potential Recovery, Polytrauma/TBI Rehabilitation Center, Support Vector Regression, Veterans Affairs Hospital


The Polytrauma/TBI Rehabilitation Center (PRC) of the Veterans Affairs Hospital (VAH) treats patients with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). These patients have major motor and cognitive disabilities. Most of the patients stay in the hospital for many months without major improvements. This suggests that patients, family and the VAH could benefit if healthcare provider had a way to better assess or "predict" patients' progression. The individual progress of patients over time is assessed using a pre-defined multi-component performance measure Functional Independence Measures (FIM) at admission and discharge, and a semi-quantitative documentation parameter Clinical Pathway (CP) at weekly intervals. This work uses already de-identified and transformed data to explore developing a clinical outcome predictive model for patients with TBI, as early as possible. The clinical outcome is measured as percentage of recovery using CP scores. The results of this research will allow healthcare providers to improve the current resource management (e.g. staff, equipment, space) through setting goals for each patient, as well as to provide the family more accurate and timely information about the status and needs of the patient.