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Chemical Engineering

Major Professor

Yogi D. Goswami


Degree of coherence, Exergy, Frexergy, Mutual Intensity, Rectenna



Control of spectral thermal emission from surfaces may be desirable in some energy related applications, such as nano-scale antenna energy conversion and thermophotovoltaic conversion. There are a number of methods, from commercially available paints to advanced surface gratings that can be used to modify the thermal emission from a surface. To find out the proper emission controlling technique for a given energy conversion method all the surface emission controlling methods are comprehensively reviewed regarding the emission control capabilities and the range of possible applications. Radiation with high degree of coherence can be emitted using advanced surface emission controlling techniques. The entropy of the thermal radiation, and therefore the exergy, is a function of the degree of coherence. A methodology is presented to calculate the exergy of partially coherent wave fields so that the radiation fields can be evaluated based on exergy. This exergy method is extended to develop a rigorous evaluation criterion for thermal emission controlling methods used in frequency dependent energy conversion applications. To demonstrate these developed criteria using actual data, a surface plasmon emitter is designed and fabricated. Also, possible ways of improving the emitter performance and the research needed to be carryout to fabricate cost effective emitters are described.