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Child and Family Studies

Major Professor

Carie L. English, Ph.D

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Roger A. Bothroyd., Ph.D

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Bryon R. Neff, M.S.


Behavioral consultation, Performance feedback, Self-management, Treatment fidelity, Sustainability


The growing number of school-aged children displaying challenging behavior has increased the need for effective interventions. School-based consultants (SBC) report using behavioral consultation to assist teachers in designing behavior intervention plans (BIP) that help students engage in appropriate behavior in the classroom. Research indicates that direct training methods increase teacher's implementation of the BIP. One commonly used direct training method, performance feedback (PF), is used to assess teachers' treatment integrity. Research also indicates that checklists (non-direct measures) are more cost efficient methods. The purpose of this paper was to evaluate a direct training method used to train teachers to self-monitor their own implementation of their student's BIP in an effort to increase accuracy of self-report and sustainable treatment integrity outcomes. Two educators who worked with children with challenging behavior participated in this study. The effect of using self-monitoring on both educators' implementation of BIPs was evaluated. Results indicated that both educators' implementation increased and maintained into the maintenance phase. Also, results indicated that educator's accuracy of reporting was similar to independent observers.