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Child and Family Studies

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Kimberly Crosland


Contingency Management, Shaping, Smoking Cessation, Standard Pay Schedule, Traumatic Brain Injury


This study examined the effects of a smoking cessation program using vouchers as reinforcers with individuals with traumatic brain injury and a history of substance abuse. The intervention was conducted at a residential facility that houses individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Vouchers were delivered contingent on reductions of carbon monoxide (CO) samples of 5 ppm or less across a shaping phase, and an abstinence induction phase. A standard pay phase was added at the end of the study to examine the effects of a standardized reinforcement scale with the abstinence criterion set at 8 ppm or less. Reductions in CO were not robust in the shaping and abstinence induction phase. The standard pay schedule showed some improvements in CO levels with less variability for two of the three participants.