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Child and Family Studies

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Timothy Weil


Aluminum, Glass, Low-cost procedure, Plastic, Waste


Recycling behavior was examined by the implementation of Informational Prompts and Performance Feedback. Prompts containing facts on recycling and waste along with group performance feedback were studied at The Florida Mental Health Institute at The University of South Florida (Tampa campus). Informational Prompts were introduced by placing informational facts about recycling and waste by 26 bins throughout the building. Performance feedback signs were placed by the same bins and included the frequency of recycled material and trash discarded in the recycling bins on a daily basis when the campus was open. The results showed that both interventions increased recycling. Informational Prompts showed an increase in recycling and a decrease in trash placed in the recycling bin. Performance Feedback showed a stronger increase in recycling when compared to Informational Prompts. The combination of the two produced a significant increase in the amount of recyclable material placed in the recycling bins and a decrease in the waste placed in the recycling containers.