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Mass Communications

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Scott Liu


authenticity, broadcasting, credibility, home, shopping



This is an exploratory study that poses the questions and discussion regarding live and recorded sales presentations via television. With its rich history, it appears that live television has more types of appeal that will get the shopper buying products. However, the recorded and edited presentation played back on television has had its share to grab the shopper's attention. Research questions are presented to determine which broadcasting method is stronger by examining factors related to home shopping such as credibility, authenticity, involvement, urgency, informativeness, entertaining value, sense of real time, spontaneity and interactivity. Additional questions will look at the overall presentation, the product itself, and what the potential future of home shopping may be based upon this study. The main findings show there is a significant difference in all factors between live and recorded; however, some factors are stronger than others between live and recorded. These factors could indicate where home shopping may want to concentrate its efforts to remain a viable entity in electronic retail.