Graduation Year


Document Type

Ed. Specalist



Degree Granting Department

Psychological and Social Foundations

Major Professor

Lisa M. Lopez, Ph.D.

Co-Major Professor

Julia A. Ogg, Ph.D.

Committee Member

John Ferron, Ph.D.


Hispanic, mathematics, mothers, preschool, proficiency


Research on mathematics achievement has become increasingly important with today's technological advances and demand for specialized knowledge. Though there is much literature regarding mathematics achievement in monolingual speakers, little is known regarding the mathematical abilities of Dual Language Learner (DLL) Latino children. This study examined the early numeracy skills in English and Spanish of 132 DLL Latino children attending Head Start programs in five counties across Florida. Relationships and differences among their performance in both languages were examined, along with the contribution of specific parent demographic variables to math achievement. Findings indicated that DLL Latino Head Start children's performance on early numeracy tasks in both English and Spanish ranged from average to low average when compared to national normative samples of monolingual peers. Child participants' performance on early numeracy tasks in English and Spanish was related to some extent. In addition, multiple regression analyses revealed that combined demographic variables predicted math performance in English and Spanish, but only mothers' level of education uniquely predicted the child participants' math performance in Spanish. This study is an important contribution to the literature, as it provides data regarding the early numeracy skills of DLL Latino Head Start children, as well as implications for the field of school psychology. Future directions for research are also discussed.