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Chemical Engineering

Major Professor

Aydin Sunol, Ph.D.

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Sermin Sunol, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Timothy Fawcett, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Babu Joseph, Ph.D.


adsorption, chiral, computation, comsol, model


Chromatography is widely used to determine physiochemical properties data including adsorption isotherm. In the separation of enantiomers through sorptive processes, supercritical fluids allow efficient and green alternatives to liquid solvent based systems. The isotherm information is vital in the development of operating policies and design of preparative chromatographic or moving bed separation schemes. Determination of sorption isotherms from experimental chromatographic elution data is automated and compared with different chromatogram model. Procedures were developed and validated for separation of R- and S- ibuprofen with supercritical 〖CO〗_2 and ethanol mixture as the mobile phase over a chiral stationary phase. The isotherms for the Langmuir, Freundlich, and Toth gave the similar results with a small residual for S-Ibuprofen at 150 bars and 40℃. Relative small amount of sample can be use from experiments to determine isotherms data that later be use for scale-up of the sorptive processes in industry to reduce time and cost.