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Applied Behavior Analysis

Major Professor

Jennifer Austin, Ph.D

Committee Member

Trevor Stokes, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Michael Stoutimore, Ph.D


parent training, timed drills, parenting tools, frequency, accuracy


The effects of fluency training on performance, maintenance, and generalization of parent training skills were examined within the context of a classroom and home setting. Three foster parents attended a 24-hour Parenting Tools for Positive Behavior Change (PBC) course. Participants completed timed fluency drills using flash cards to increase learning and performance of PBC tools. A non-concurrent multiple baseline design across participants was used to assess participant performance on flash card drills and PBC tools during in-class, pre-test, and post-test role plays, and in novel situations with children in the home before, during and after the course. Results showed that fluency training had little or no effect on increasing tool performance across all testing phases for all participants, nor were there any changes in frequency and accuracy of fluency trained tools in the home to indicate maintenance and generalization of treatment effects.