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Civil Engineering

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Ram Pendyala, Ph.D.

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Sisinnio Concas, ME.

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Elaine Chang, Ph.D.

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John Jian Lu, Ph.D.


Telecommuting, Miami-Dade, GIS, Traffic, Congestion


Telecenters are alternate work locations and are used as a means to reduce the commute discomfort to employees. Telecenters provide advantages to both the employees and the employers and are a good Travel Demand Management measure. The history of telecenters is relatively new. Many telecenters were established in the early 1990's with the support of the Federal and State Governments. While initial signs were encouraging, the inability of these telecenters to carry on running in the absence of continued funding made them cost intensive unsuccessful experiments. There have been fewer attempts by private individuals/ Governments to work with the concept of telecenters, since these failures; with home-based telecommuting being a more viable alternative to working from the office. There has been a recent revival of interest in telecenters owing to their ability to provide employees with more choice with their work place location. Also,extremely high congestion and long commute trips in many major cities are forcing authorities to look at alternate means to reduce trip lengths (and durations).Authorities in Miami are looking at alternate means to reduce congestion in the city and the possibility of establishing a telecenter is one such idea. This study evaluates the feasibility of establishing a telecenter in Miami. The site chosen is a stretch along SR 836 (Dolphin Expressway). Various conditions that must be met before the telecenter can be established are discussed, and the site is assessed on its ability to attract employees to the center.