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Mass Communications

Major Professor

Ken Killebrew, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Derina Holtzhausen, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Joanne Pynes, Ph.D.


Public Relations Roles, Public Relations Models, Government Communication, Government Public Relations


This study attempts to identify how public relations are practiced in local governments. Traditional literature has stated that the public information model of public relations is the model of public relations practiced in local governments. This study also attempts to determine which roles are most common for lead communicators in municipal organizations governments. Based on Internet survey research methods, research findings indicated that while most practitioners stated they practiced a two-way communications model, they had the most expertise in the public information and press agentry models. The researcher also found that the role most often held by the highest ranking communicator was that of public relations manager, although they stated there was the most expertise in their department to do the things typical of public relations technicians. Low total population and response rates prevent confident generalization of the results of this study to the entire local government communicator population. The research contributes to the field of public relations in local government.