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Kirpal S Bisht, Ph.D.

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Roman Manetsch, Ph.D.

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Abdul Malik, Ph.D.


cavitand, ring closing metathesis, crystal structure, NMR, antimicrobial activity


Cavitands are very important class of compounds in supramolecular chemistry. These molecules contain rigid enforced cavity,and have attracted considerable attention in supramolecular chemistry as building blocks for the construction of carcerands, hemicarcerands, and other host guests complexes. Nearly 40 years ago, Niederl and Vogel laid foundation for the study of such type of condensation reactions. In our laboratory we are involved in synthesis of resorcinarenes with readily available substrates such as resorcinol and aldehydes to form a cyclic tetramer.

Herein, I present detailed studies about the functionalization of the synthesized tetramers and their antimicrobial activity. Octahydroxy resorcinarenes were synthesized and perallylated which served as acyclic diene precursors for ring closing metathesis reaction. Studies were carried out to see effect of C-2 substituent of resorcinol and effect of aryl substituents, and aliphatic substituents on ring closing metathesis. This thesis describes the synthesis of bridged resorcinarenes and study of antimicrobial activity of resorcinarenes.