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Degree Granting Department

Electrical Engineering

Major Professor

Wilfrido A. Moreno, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Miguel Labrador, Ph.D.

Committee Member

James Leffew, Ph.D.


robotic platforms, crickets, stargate, mapping, trilateration


This research proposed the integration of wireless sensor networks, a mobile platform and a fixed station for the development of a test bed system to conduct research on localization, tracking, navigation and network mapping. The overall integrated system acts as a basis for future research on localization of wireless nodes in an indoor environment. The system enables the transfer of information from the sensor node on the platform to a distant computer through wireless communication. In addition, a robotic platform is proposed that uses the developed integrated system as well as other potential applications. The user interface to the system was developed using MATLAB and provides for tracking of the mobile platform. The application also possessed an option to simulate the output of Trilateration when using a setup similar to the one implemented for this research.